Lab News

Drawing of skin

June 2021
Spring Birthday celebrations continue. Happy Birthday MaryEllen!

MaryEllen B-day

May 2021
Brett and Najuma team up for a joint Birthday celebration with double the decorations!!

Najuma bday desk
Brett's office door

April 2021
Congratulations to Najuma for successfully completing all requirements for her MS thesis!

Najuma thesis celebration

February 2021
Check our our review article that describes how adipocytes and fibroblasts promote inflammation after injury!

We're incredibly excited to work on a W.M. Keck Foundation funded collaboration with the Li and Hu Labs at GW! We will be examining a molecular mechanism that we believe allows cells to remember past experiences and respond more quickly to future stimulation. Check out the write-up in GW TODAY!! 


December 2020
COVID-19 can't keep us from celebrating Paula's Birthday (responsibly)!!!

shook lab gathering

September 2020
Paula joins the lab.

August 2020
Satish and Najuma join the lab.

July 2020
Darlene heads to VCOM and Mary-Ellen joins the lab as a Research Assistant.

January 2020
Darlene and Mary-Ellen join the Shook lab!